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Is This Really Tennis Elbow? Radial Tunnel Syndrome: Diagnosis

Radial Tunnel Syndrome - Lateral elbow pain

While tennis elbow is by far the most common diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain on the lateral elbow, our clinic frequently sees patients with ongoing “chronic” lateral elbow pain which has not settled down with standard physiotherapy targeted at the diagnosis of “Tennis Elbow”.  If your management is not working, perhaps the differential diagnoses need to be considered?

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Sleep, Pain, and Sports Performance

Sleep, Pain, and Sports Performance


No matter which area of physiotherapy you work; elite sports, chronic pain management, acute pain settings (e.g. emergency departments), neurological rehab, or cardiopulmonary, the importance of sleep is undeniable.

Just type ‘sleep’ into any medical journal database, and check out how many pages of papers come up.

The following infographic aims to highlight just a few examples of the effect of sleep disturbance of inflammation and tissue healing, as well as sports performance in elite athletes.

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