Infographic: Acute Low Back Pain

Acute Low Back Pain Infographic

Low back pain is one the most common health complaints in the western world. The following infographic is adapted from the recent publication by Professor Peter O’Sullivan and Dr Ivan Lin, exploring initial triage and evidence based management options.


Infographic (Italian): Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain physio

The following is an Italian translation of the Physio Development infographic – Chronic Low Back Pain (A Biopsychosocial Approach). Special thanks to Samuele Passigli from for taking the time to translate this into Italian.


Short-Form Orebro (Part II): Communicating with Doctors

Short Form Orebro questionnaire physiotherapy

Following on from the article on using and interpreting the short-form orebro (SFO) pain questionnaire, the feedback received by many clinicians has included questions of how best to communicate this information to doctors and insurance companies.


Mindfulness Meditation and Body Scan – painHEALTH for Physiotherapists

Mindfulness meditation and body scan - painHEALTH for physiotherapists

Following on from our previous post regarding mindfulness meditation in the management of chronic pain, the following are additional resources developed by painHEALTH, an initiative by Curtin University and the Department of Health, Western Australia.