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Monitoring an Athlete’s Response to Sport-Specific Load

Monitoring an Athlete’s Response to Sports-Specific Loading

This is part 2 of our monthly theme: Load Management in Sport.

This article will cover the following list of simple measures that any of us can do in the clinic:

  • Acute load vs. chronic load
  • Rate of perceived exertion (RPE)
  • Heart rate recovery (HRR)
  • Sleep (quality, quantity, restfulness)
  • Wellness

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Load Management in Sport: Injury Risk and Athletic Performance

Load Management in Sport - injury risk and athletic performance

This is part 1 of this month’s series: Load Management in Sport.

Looking at the yearly schedule of any elite sports athlete or team, there really aren’t many free ‘gaps’.

Sometimes there doesn’t even seem to be a clear ‘off-season’. The end of one competition is quickly followed by international tournaments, or the start of the next pre-season.

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